sports physio

Sports Physiotherapy

We work with top-level performers, amateurs and people who take part in sport as a leisure activity.

Our treatments include:


By increasing the blood flow to the muscle it can aid the removal of metabolic waste. By stretching the muscle sports massage can help prevent injuries and loss of mobility, helping you to continue doing sports and exercise for longer. It also helps maintain the body generally in better condition.

Sports strapping and taping.

We use tape to treat acute injuries, allow for an earlier return to sport, and prevent injury.

Training programmes.

It is important that your training programme is safe, and individualised, whether dealing with improved performance, injury prevention or recovery from injury. This is achieved through a detailed assessment and treatment. Once we have established your goals we provide you with a taylored programme to suit your needs, whether in rehabilitation or achieving peak performance. This service is available both at the clinic and at your sports club or gym, if that is better for you.

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