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Women's Health.

Safe. Caring. Personal. We provide solutions for women at all stages of their lives, whether pre - and postnatal care or help with the challenges of maturity and age. Our assessment and treatment is tailored to your individual needs, while we endeavour to aducate and empower you in a safe and confidential environment. We aim for flexibility, offering one-on-one services as well as classes of no more than 6.

Continence Physiotherapy.

Continence and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is a highly specialised field of physiotherapy. Our specialist women's health physiotherapist provides professional treatment in a friendly and comfortable environment. Initial appointments go for an hour where an extensive, confidential, assessment is completed. You will be asked various questions about the nature, type, and duration of your symptoms to assist with a diagnosis. The initial assessments will generally involve an internal examination. Internal examinations provide the most information about the pelvic floor and its function. the focus is on the treatment of pelvic floor related disorders like incontinence and prolapse by restoring muscle function to the pelvic floor. Many women have bladder problems. Continence physiotherapy is an ideal way to regain bladder control. After a thorough assessment we will give you a personalised exercise regime, and help you to master your technique. we will also give you close instruction to steadily progress until your symptoms reduce.


Pregnancy can be an exciting time, and an uncomfortable one. Women can suffer with back, neck or pelvic pain; tingling hands and continence problems. We can provide the most effective ways to maintain your fitness during pregnancy. We also provide treatment and advice on back pain and pregnancy-related problems. The combination of pilates and physiotherapy is very effective in designing tailored exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor, and to treat incontinence and sexual discomfort.


If you are pre or post-natal we can also provide extensive advice on returning to exercise postnatally, paying special attention to the pelvic floor function and prevention of prolapse or continence symptoms. Our focus is on restoring pelvic floor function, maintaining low back care while also assisting and pain management.

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